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An air conditioner, just like other machine, is prone to breakdowns at the least expected time. A malfunctioning AC is the last thing you would want when in the midst of the intense summer heat. When your air conditioner gives in, the first thing owners worry about is the cost of repairs and whom to call to fix things. Often many property owners end up hiring local handymen who may be ill equipped to handle the job. While untrained technicians may offer cheap services, they might do a shoddy job, which can lead to even more expenses. It is therefore best to hire only experienced technicians to deal with your air conditioning units.

Coral Gables AC Services is the one stop shop for all kinds of AC repair solutions in Coral Gables, FL. If you are facing troubles with your machine, you don’t have to look here and there to find the right company to take care of your problems. All you have to do is call us at 786-438-3694. Our experts will reach you in the shortest time and repair your machine. We work round the clock and have over the years become well known as the most reliable company to take care of all kinds of AC issues.

Repair vs. Replacement: What do I need?

When faced with a defunct AC, the first impulse may be to replace it with a new one, but this can be very expensive. The average lifespan of a unit ranges between 10 to 15 years and a replacement before that might not be required. With regular upkeep, you can avoid unnecessary repairs and replacement. Also, be warned there are several companies that would ask you to opt for a replacement, but keep in mind, there is always a way to fix the troubles. At Coral Gables AC Services, we can fix anything.

A company you can trust

It might not be easy to find a repair company that won’t trick you into believing that your machine needs repairs or replacement when it doesn’t. We, however, adhere to the highest work standards. Our work is based on integrity and dedication and we are well known for our ethical approach. You will never find us levying extra charges or selling unnecessary products and services to our customers.

We’ve everything WE need & everything YOU need:

What sets us apart is the expertise and extensive experience of our workmen. While a local handyman may inspect your AC and suggest expensive repairs and replacements, our experts would do everything to find a way to fix the issue. We are equipped with the latest tools and techniques and can find a way to get your machine in working condition again. We also stock high quality replacement parts. No matter the air conditioner brand you own, we are well stocked with quality replacement parts.

What we do?

  • Coral Gables AC Services Coral Gables, FL 786-438-3694Repair defunct compressors
  • Fix malfunctioning condenser
  • Replace clogged filters
  • Air ducts cleaning
  • Charging refrigerant
  • Repairing leaks
  • Repairing defunct compressor fan
  • Defreeze frozen condenser coils

If you are stuck with an AC problem, remember, there is a solution to it! Dial 786-438-3694 for the best quality and affordable repair solutions in Coral Gables, FL area.​